How to Clean Your Scopes Lenses

how to clean rifle scope lens well

The coating that is used on rifle scope always play an important role in the picture quality you see throughout the rifle scope. When you are washing your the lens by yourself, ensure you follow manufacturer guidelines so that you can protect your optics system.

It’s essential to stay away from some inappropriate cleaning so that the lenses isn’t damaged. You also have to make sure you are always keeping the lenses clean by staying away from rubbing your hands against them. And Stay away from the use of a normal house cleaning method to really clean rifle scope lenses, the cleaning method you select must certanly be recommended by the producer of the scope.

How can you wash the rifle scope lens without being damaged?

Remember that the outer lenses do the task of collecting light for the hunters to eliminate the distortions of the target, and because it may be vulnerable to cleaning method, you have to clean carefully. It’s very crucial that you examine each manufacturer recommendations about the cleaning methods of a scope lenses, before you begin to clean. Some rifle lenses don’t require exactly the same cleaning solutions, and some need to be more delicate than the existing traditional old rifle scope lens, consequently, their cleaning manuals has to be guided.

It is crucial that you need to read the cleaning guides before washing the scope of yours. If not, you may ruin your rifle scope warranty.

Now I will guide you about how to clean rifle scope lens well.

  • Do not touch the scope lenses, which will leave skin oil and fingerprints
  • Do not make use of compressed air
  • Do not Blow to clean the scope lenses and there’ll also be a bit of sputum on the lens
  • Do not use household windows or perhaps acetone cleaners
  • Do make use of air blaster
  • Do place the caps on the scope lenses once you don’t want to use them

Air Blaster/Soft Brush

Remember that getting dust on your own lenses is usual, even if you take good care of them. Dust is always everywhere around us and can’t be stayed away from.

Probably The simple thing you are able to do would be to clear the dust from the scope lenses with air blaster or a soft brush. You often are able to do that because there’s absolutely no risk for the lenses, if you use the air blaster. And compressed air isn’t advisable and it will damage your lens. A bit of dust isn’t likely to affect viewing quality, which means you don’t need to be concerned about it.

Lens Cleaning Method and Lens Tissue

If you use Air blaster or the soft brush, you don’t need to do something else.And For oily smudges and the fingerprints, perhaps you need to use other method for cleaning them.

But if you have, it’s still simple to clean the lens of yours. It’s crucial that you have the proper tool to clean it.

You’d better choose quality cleaning tissues/solutions, as lower quality/improper ones are able to damage the scope lenses and meanwhile an excellent scope typically costs a great deal of money, so it is just not well worth the risk.

You are able to clean the scope lenses in 3 steps.

  • Remove as much dust and dirt as you are able to with a soft brush/air blaster
  • Use the specific cleansing method on the cloth/tissue – much better than applying on the scope lens
  • Clean with circular movements with gentle pressure. And begin from the middle and go outward

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