Best Long Range Rifle Scope For The Money 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guides

The long range hunting is a total thrill. The pleasure of experiencing the sound that is from hitting a metal goal at long range is among the best feelings on the planet.

When you begin to shoot at long range, you will quickly become addicted. Among the most crucial decisions you are able to make will be the choice of a best rifle scope.

You will find a lot of various pieces of scopes you will depend on with regards to long range shooting, particularly more than thousand yards, but outside from your selected rifle as well as rounds, your optic is considered as the most crucial part.

Purchasing one of the best scope can be challenging, so we’re planning to do some research about long range rifle scopes as well as let you learn something.

What is Long Range

While the particular range is able to change from shooter to shoot or rifle to rifle, generally, the effect of your long range shooting will mainly rely on 2 elements, your rifle barrel length and selected caliber. Various firearms fit for various max distances. For example, a .22 rifle hunter would most likely assort long range from hundred to 150 yards.

At the same time, a 6.5 Creedmoor shooter might likely hunt up to 500 yards accurately with the best long range rifle scope. Actually, some Creedmoor rifles are able to get up to thousand yards, especially in case they’ve the correct optics to go with the hunter.

So, there is not an individual operational range that we are able to determine as “long” for everybody. You will need to understand your rifle’s ballistics to find out what long range term means for you. You are able to test cartridge ballistics, on some sites as

Due to this particular difference, the scopes we will discuss below are available in all types of configurations. Additionally, each of the choices of ours will have a minimum of several of the factors we consider you need to include in a best long range scope. Let us get into all the factors now.

Precisely why You Want A Quality Long Range Scope?

In case you would like to hit a prey at long range, you have to choose the correct scope to undertake it. A 150 dollars optic is not likely to cut it.

So you want to have a best scope to offer you best quality on the market. This involves an excellent reticle, quality glass and also internal components and turrets.

The sensation of shooting a goal at 700, 800, or perhaps 1,000 yards is a superb feeling. Frequently missing can destroy the mood, and usually the difference is produced by the quality of your respective rifle scope.

When I initially reach a goal at 500 yards with simply iron sights, I was fans of this particular difficult idea of long range shooting. Over 500 yards the difficulty of the task increases considerably, and meanwhile fundamentals are needed for you, you are likely to require the appropriate scope to help you hit it.

The Things You need to consider When Purchasing a Long Range Scope

  • Magnification

When searching for a rifle scope, the primary consideration of yours may be zoom levels. It’s pretty universal for long range hunters to choose a rifle scope which is much more effective than they want. And learning to hit the target for almost all magnification possible is crucial. Magnification isn’t the only rifle scope feature which influences the shooting accuracy.

Some rifle scopes have fixed strength and some have variable. For example, it is 10x35mm for a fixed scope. It means that the scope is a ten power scope and it is going to zoom the picture ten times. You are going to see the number that is 5-15x30mm for a variable scope. It means the zoom is a range of 5-15X.

When selecting the highest energy of the scope of yours, you are going to need to think about its intended use. Consider that many military scopes are only ten power. You do not need much magnification in case you just plan on hunting. The greater the range is magnified, the reduced the spot or even Field of View. And this is likely to help make spotting targets difficult.

Many hunters choose to make use of high power rifle scopes for the game because the targets actually are very small. Several of these rifle scopes may be better than 30x. Thus, an impressive zoom works well at the target range. You simply do not wish to hunt with it.

Consider these aspects and choose what fits you best.

  • Objective Lens

best rifl scope

The independent lens size has an immediate impact on just how much light is permitted inside your rifle scope’s tubing. The broader the lens is, the more light is collected through the scope, and the greater your sight image is. And larger lenses create a better picture for the eye of yours as well as provide a broader field of view, despite having higher zoom power. So, the rifle scopes which have high power zoom along with a broad objective lens enables you to see the target at long range.

Nevertheless, much more substantial objective lenses are going to require a higher mounting on the rifle of yours and are bulkier when compared with scopes with smaller independent lenses. A huge lens might limit the weapons types that you are able to mount on a specific scope. Besides, a huge goal lens is going to alter the weight and harmony of the firearm of yours, though hunters that shoot while susceptible will not always experience this issue.

Attempt to balance the independent lens size of your selected scope for the uses of yours. Bigger is usually more effective, but take care to not purchase a scope that is way too large for the firearm of yours.

We have attempted to include scopes that don’t have an excessively large objective lens.

  • Lens Coatings

Durability includes the optics, too. Several of the best long range scopes have optics made by using a certain level of Armortek coating or perhaps an equivalent material. This coating is going to prevent the optics from getting scratched as quickly.

Other chemical coatings which may be positioned onto the optics of yours are able to boost gentle transmission across the board. The greater number of light which gets collected in the scope, the greater your sight photo, so optics which will improve this factor are definitely better compared to the counterparts of theirs.

It is usually a good idea to attempt to look for long range scopes which have multicoated optics, combining the light and protective transmission features described above. Nevertheless, keep in your mind that lots of scopes which have multicoated optics is a little bit pricier compared to models with optics with one coating of material.

  • Eye Relief

Eye relief plays an important role on long time shooting. A rifle scope features a set eye relief that is usually measured in inches. Sometimes you will also see it in MMs.

Eye relief is generally much more of a concern for measurements of pull, and how and where you are able to install an optic. On a pistol for instance the eye relief is unlimited or even very long.

Long range rifles need to fire a heavy and big bullet much distance. This calls for a great deal of oomph. A great deal of oomph translates into many recoil, as well as recoil is the tool approaching rearward.

With a scope, its returning towards the face of yours. A scope with a very short eye relief will end up in a horrible black eye.

Proper eye relief for a hard-hitting and powerful round is usually 3.6 in and beyond. Eye relief could improve when the rifle scope’s zoom level modifications, so focus on both the numbers. Eye relief is able to go as far as four inches but still be a comfortable choice for long range hunting.

  • Reticle Options

When looking at reticles, you will have dozens or even thousands of options to select from. Every company has the version of theirs of a long range reticle, and yes it is able to get tricky picking the best one for you.

Needless to say you have to examine the overall goal of yours. Competition scopes contains rules that you will need to follow. Personal preference will generally be an element with regards to reticle selection also.

My must haves include an easy but precise elevation and windage scale. The optic should have these 2 items for fast field corrections.

Furthermore, the reticle must be good enough that it won’t obscure a goal at long range. And A huge prey looks awfully little at a thousand yards and a huge thick reticle will totally obscure it.

Except for these specifications, you are able to go as elaborate as you have to. Elevation and windage pyramids are a fantastic choice for all hunter, and illuminated reticles are also great for shooters. You need to Choose the right features of the rifle scopes you need.

  • Focal Plane

Focal planes have 2 categories, second focal plane, and first focal plane. On first focal plane rifle scopes, the reticle is going to change size since the magnification decreases or increases. But on the other one, the reticle is still the same size. The first focal plane rifle scopes are much better in the opinion of mine because the dots or perhaps hash marks don’t change, they’re always one MOA or perhaps one MIL apart. On the second focal plane, these hash or dots masks are going to need a certain magnification setting to be precise.

  • Adjustment Ranges

The capacity to adjust the turrets of yours on the fly is a single that’s priceless. Although turrets can adjust simultaneously for both elevation and windage, it can do much more with elevation adjustments and not with windage. And the long range hunting might expect some severe elevation adjustments. Rounds as the 308 rifle are able to drop more than fifty in at 500 yards, therefore at one 1000 yards you are able to imagine the adjustments necessary to produce a precise shot.

So in case you think fifty MIL or MOA adjustments is enough you may find yourself running out adjustments very quickly. hundred MIL or MOA adjustments will usually be much more than sufficient to handle elevation problems at thousand yards or perhaps even further.

  • Durability

The durability of your scope often is equal to how much time it lasts. Durability is a vital factor with regards to more expensive scopes. All things considered, you do not wish to buy a new scope and have it break apart after the first hunting game.

You should look for scopes produced with best aluminum or perhaps an equivalent sturdy metal for main tube or the body. These types of materials last a lot longer compared to cheaper stuff and are usually rust resistant or anodized. And an anodized coating is especially great because it reduces the glare of the range is able to enable you to blend into your condition more effectively, too.

You must also find out if the scope is waterproof, shockproof and fog proof. These scopes will be reluctant to shock, fog, and water damage, so this type of durability is an excellent advantage. You will have the ability to make use of these sorts of scopes in bad weather conditions and almost any outdoor condition without being concerned about them failing you.

Top 5 Best Long Range Rifle Scope Reviews

As you will find a plethora of rifle scope types in the present market, it will not be good to pin the more affordable ones to the more high end models.

So we are going to categorize the top pick of ours in various spending budget organizations, and thereby attempt to make your scope search a little easier.

#1 Burris Optics Veracity Rifle Scope – Best Long Range Scope under $1,000

Burris Optics Veracity Rifle Scope

Burris is a good go to brand with regards to quality that is high but affordable optics, and also the Burris Veracity is a good entry point on the spending budget long range scope world.

The Burris Veracity is available in a number of flavors, but for long range shooting, the 5 25 power option is the very best. The Veracity is an extremely well made scope, and 1 of my personal favorite budget options.

The Veracity is an one piece tube design which is built to handle the shock as well as vibration of long range rounds. The Veracity is fog proof, shockproof, and waterproof, and requires a two-fold spring pressure process which helps to keep the optic zeroed irrespective of shock and exterior vibration.


  • Affordable very first focal plane performance
  • Highly textured control buttons for effortless use with gloves
  • Hi-lume multi coating for low light performance
  • Burris Forever Warranty


  • Parallax adjustment is form fifty yards to infinity is able to compromise close range shots

Burris Optics Veracity Rifle Scope

#2 NightForce ATACR 5-25x56mm F1 Rifle Scope – Best Tactical Scopes

NightForce ATACR 5-25x56mm F1 Rifle Scope

The NightForce has several of the greatest snipers on the market. Their strenuous scout sniper system is among the hardest on the market.

The NightForce just recently implemented the NightForce ATACR DigIllum PTL Mil-R Rifle Scope for their newest sniper process, as well as they do this with an excellent reason.

This scope come with a punch for long range and is a ffp rifle scopes with a good level of zoom. It offers clear vision and it is built to be as resilient as the Marine holding it.

The ATACR series is applied all around the army with best snipers for a reason. It can make it very easy to hit the target of yours and will go to hell and returned with a smile.


  • Among the best scopes on the market
  • Integrated power throw level
  • ED glass for intense clarity
  • Perfect for both semi auto rifles and bolt guns


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

NightForce ATACR 5-25x56mm F1 Rifle Scope

#3 Vortex Optics Viper HS LR 4-16×50 Second Focal Plane Riflescope

Vortex Optics Viper HS LR 4-16x50 Second Focal Plane Riflescope

In case you’re heading into long range hunting, the Vortex Optics Viper HS LR Rifle scope is most likely a scope you’ve heard about although HS LR edition requires it to another level. This range was created with distance at heart as well as with its 6 to 24x zoom,50mm objective lens, and multicoated optics, photos out to thousand yards plus are possible with this scope.

It comes with a Dead-Hold BDC reticle and goal turrets created for the long range hunter. No fluff or gimmicks, just clean quality. For the cost, you’re getting among the greatest long range scopes for any cash available today. Though There might be several which equal the VIPER HSLR, you will be extremely challenged to look for one that can top it.

Vortex Optics Viper HS LR 4-16x50 Second Focal Plane Riflescope

#4 Steiner Model 5122 T5Xi 5-25x 56mm Riflescope

Steiner Model 5122 T5Xi 5-25x 56mm Riflescope

Something that appears to stick out for several should be the SCR reticle. The unit works well with this particular reticle to be among the best long range models you are able to get today. You’ll certainly get a camera that works well. And With its extended illuminated region, you ought to have a great time when it involves the general functionality.

The device boasts of working with a razor edge picture quality that works terrific for you. The scope is designed with the optical systems and best engineering. You’ll always have a wonderful time when it involves the general use. Additionally, it comes with the very best light transmission. The best lens is good when it involves the greatest picture clarity. And you should clearly get the goal before taking a photo.

The model includes a low profile which is good when it involves the all performance. And the low profile layout makes it lightweight and to keep an natural hunting position. And You have the turrets which enable you to create the correct adjustments that you love. There’s no doubt you are going to have a wonderful time when it involves the general use.

The company also uses the use of the one piece tube design. It is then great in terms of power and increased strength. Because of the greatest reliability, you are able to find additionally, it being good for being shock proof and waterproofness.

Because of the amazing construction, the scope is extremely durable. The ruggedness causes it to be great with regards to having it working effectively in several places. It ought to last you for decades to come with no thinking of changing it.


  • Strong construction
  • Ease of adjustments
  • Shock proof, Waterproof


  • Expensive

Steiner Model 5122 T5Xi 5-25x 56mm Riflescope

#5 Bushnell Tactical 6-24X50 Rifle Scope

Bushnell Tactical 6-24X50 Rifle Scope

The Mueller rifle scope looks simple but it’s actually built with high quality lenses which are created for night range shooting. With extremely effective magnification that ranges from eight to 32x power, which are able to be among the best thousand yard scopes you are able to believe in will do the job of its in the long range hunting category.

With 4 in distance eye relief, this rifle scope enables a great deal of clearance even though you install it on big caliber rifles and your brows are usually protected from heavy recoils. Due to the size of the objective lens that is 44mm, you will have an incredibly broad viewing perspective with this method and be prepared to adjust elevation and windage quite easy.

For easy target acquisition while at much distance, you are able to utilize its fine target crosshair having a target dot and just few scopes have this particular feature.


  • Among the best thousand yard scopes that’s really affordable.
  • With extremely fine cross locks with target dot.
  • Powerful magnification from 8 to 32X and forty four mm objective lens.
  • Four in eye relief to shield your shooting eye from big recoil.
  • 30mm tube size.


  • Need to constantly adjust parallax to attain accuracy.

Bushnell Tactical 6-24X50 Rifle Scope


The long range hunting is an extremely exciting hobby filled with challenges. This’s much more true about long range shooting. You might feel it a quality scope begins it all. That is not always true. Nothing beats tough shooting fundamentals when trying all those really long shots. With a good range, nearly anything under 300 yards is pretty simple. In the event that you would like to stretch past 500 or perhaps even thousand yards all you are doing preparing for the shot must be perfect.

When you’ve a deep shooting technique, the time of its to put in a good optic. It is okay to plan ahead. In the event that you would like to keep filming exciting, go ahead a help make the purchase of yours. Simply do not utilize it as a crutch to compensate for any lack of reliability on the part of yours.