Best Gun Safes Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Best Gun Safes Picks

The most effective gun safes offer protected storage space for the firearms of yours. Keeping the guns of yours someplace just trusted members of the home is able to get to should be among the top priorities for each responsible gun owner. And no matter when you buy a new firearm you need to also search for a means to keep and secure it. Storing the firearm of yours in a gun safe is going to prevent it from being misused by small home members, as well as it’ll also stop it from being taken in a burglary.

Best Gun safes might seem costly on the market, but then you realize that they will perform well to maintain your most expensive firearms along with other valuables like important documents or jewelry, their price is justified.

So, you are going to find the top rated best gun secure reviews and reveal their cons and pros in our article!

The Things You need to Consider Before Buying the Best Gun Safe

  • Size

In case you just have a pistol or perhaps handgun, follow the smaller varieties. If you’ve a few of rifles and some pistols and handguns, chose the mid sized variety. For a bigger variety, pick a larger safe. In case you’re planning to grow the collection of yours in the future, be sure you purchase a safe that accommodates the new purchases of yours. As a gun secure is an one time investment, you have to make sure that the future purchases of yours have sufficient space.

  • Feature-richness of the Safe

This’s a completely subjective matter. A number of folks would rather keep their gun safes easy with a strong electronic mixture lock with backup secrets. Various other folks love to buy much more feature rich options like LED lighting, smartphone assistance and much more. These features just work as add ons. You are able to determine whether you want or perhaps not? The gun safe is a huge purchase so before order, you have to find out a few things about it or perhaps you are able to see the article of ours on which Quality to Search for in a Handgun Safes? that will enable you to to clear the doubts of yours.

  • The Cost

Always buy something which works in the budget of yours and ensure that you never stretch far over your budget. And thicker steel, additional features, as well as greater fire resistance are a few characteristics which will constantly come at a high quality. Ensure adjustments are made by you.

Top 5 Best Gun Safes

#1 V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Quick Access Lock Safe

V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Quick Access Lock Safe

This V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Quick Access Lock Safe is has a ten Ga steel construction. This V-Line Brute Heavy Duty model comes with a clamshell design that is anti-pry , which makes it very safe against forced entries.

Among the stuff we liked about this particular model is it’s a no nonsense construction. The gun safe is made as a tank. Though it has fairly small size, this’s a huge steel weapon vault. This vault weighs around twenty two lbs when it is empty, and also it comes with four quarter in holes on the bottom part you are able to work with as anchorage points. And the lid spreads over the hinge pin, and the burglars will not be in a position to draw the hinge pin apart to open up the safe.

So far as the safe ‘s protection is concerned, you are going to need to program a five bottom combination to give off the lid. The push bottoms are going to make a low clicking interference when you press them, and so the vault cannot be operated silently.

This particular vault is loud enough to support 2 handguns and ammo, or perhaps some valuables and a handgun.


  • This gun safe Has a good build that can make it very sturdy.
  • This particular design makes use of a Simplex lock that does not require batteries to run
  • The blend is easy to set as well as change


  • No Emergency Open Key – you’ve to make sure you will remember the combination

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#2 Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Pistol Security Box

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Pistol Security Box

This Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Pistol Security Box is an excellent model which may store up to five pistols, three of what in easy-to-grab positions. And the gun safe has a pistol hanger that is going to keep three handguns within an upright position, rendering them very easy to grab when you are in a rush. The additional 2 handguns are able to sit on the sides of theirs on the bottom with twelve gauge.

We actually liked this safe ‘s best design. The inside light source is reddish, but it is bright enough to highlight the guns of yours, which means you are able to notice every person handgun easily, including the people on the bottom. Nevertheless, it is not bright as to be viewed by another person, even if that individual is in one room.

You are able to unlock the safe by typing a 6 digit security code. The code is a portion of cake to create and change when needed. The very first switch of the keypad has a built in dimple, making it much easier to uncover the safe in low light conditions. The inside foam lining is of quality that is great, and yes it is going to protect your handguns against accidental damage and scratches.


  • Solid – The item has a great build that could withstand a little punishment
  • Easy To get into – You are able to identify the first punch and keypad in the mix in the dark
  • It comes with no-Scratch Design and the barrel pegs are filled with foam, so that they will not scratch the barrels of the handguns of yours


  • Not Quiet – The large buttons emit a beep whenever you press them
  • Wait After Every Press – You’ve to wait about 50 % another between each button press

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#3 Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe

Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe

This Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe has a touch-free entry, but it’s a child resistant design. It’s a rapid entry safe that will keep your firearms secure but prepared to work with at all times. You’ve numerous access means with this particular Hornady safe. And this safe comes with an RFID bracelet which is somewhat new technologies in the tool vault sector. The safe offers opens a lot faster than several of the various other safes without the delay. Meanwhile, you are able to register the safe of yours on the site and get a lifetime warranty.


  • It can be started with the RFID flash memory card, the RFID bracelet, or perhaps key fob that’re provided. It is packaged with 3 RFID bracelets.
  • It’s a breeze to program than some other models.
  • The security cable is significantly heavier compared to the ones that accompany various other models. A thief would not try to waste his time getting through the cable to take the safe.
  • Opens together with your gun holstered for a faster draw, so you’re prepared to fire within seconds.


  • The lid is more noisy than other types when it opens. There’s nothing you are able to do about this. The sound is not noisy enough for a poacher to pick up whether they are not in the home with you.
  • It opens more slowly than you’d expect from a rapid access vault. You can assist the lid up with your hands to accelerate the process.
  • The wristband is not sensitive enough. Try all of the techniques of unlocking to see what type is most effective for you.
  • People have pointed out it does hang occasionally when opening. The delay is just a couple of seconds. You might try out assisting the lid up with your hands to always keep it from dangling.

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#4 SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe

SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe

This’s a gun safe equipped with a push button combination lock. And the buttons of the safe are backlit that is simple to unlock bolts in the dark. Unlike a number of other combination locks, this person does not require batteries. Before entering the combination of yours, you’re needed to press a button to trigger the keypad but it’s still much faster to access compared to a vault with a standard lock.

It’s over the small side, but it’s lots of rooms. This particular model is going to house extra magazines and a handgun, plus it’s an one year limited warranty. It might be a good choice as a safe for the car of yours also.


  • This gun safe doesn’t require batteries like most versions of this particular kind.
  • Most safes’ locking bolts mechanism can easily be observed inside the vault whenever you keep the door open. You cannot see the mechanism for this one so a thief cannot pop the lock with other object or a paperclip.
  • Lots of other versions have a reset button that’re the simplest to get to and also may be reset by anybody. The reset button on this particular safe is concealed behind the electric batteries, so it’s being started as a way so that it is reset.
  • It doesn’t beep whenever you press the buttons when it’s in silent mode.


  • Not fireproof or perhaps waterproof.
  • You’ve to press a button to trigger the keypad before you are able to get into your entry code. You cannot find a better way around this, but it doesn’t delay the access time a lot. You are able to still start the safe in a few seconds.
  • It’s really easy for you to not completely hit a key which is going to make you enter the bad combination. Ensure you firmly press each secret to stopping yourself from entering the incorrect entry code. When you don’t hit every key firmly and type in unwanted entry code, you are going to have to hold out a couple of seconds for the good to reset.
  • Reacts a little slower compared to other models do when typing the entry code. In addition, press the keys somewhat slower than you’d on various other models to avoid entering the incorrect code.

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#5 Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

In case you’re searching for a protected handgun safe, search no more than the Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe. This Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe comes with 10-gauge steel thickness and it is boltable too. It is packaged with the physical Simplex lock system you may even start in the dark.

In case you stack them correctly, the safe will be easily able to hold two to three pistols and even a few mags. Though it’s a powerful build, it has only 1081 combinations. This’s not a tiny number but does not provide top-of-the-line protection either.


  • Easy to unlock
  • Strong 10 gauge thickness
  • Can hold 2 3 handguns


  • Heavy build
  • Expensive
  • The item can be obtained on Amazon
  • Only 1081 lock combinations

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Precisely why is a gun safes vital?

If a gun is owned by you, you need to own a gun secure too. For starters, these safes assist in protecting the firearms of yours from damage. Through the years, a gun stored in your drawers will at some point be destroyed because of dust. The devaluing firearm is usually useless to the owner. Making it in a separate safe is going to help you keep them in perfect performing state for longer. It’ll also prevent theft of the guns of yours. As the amount of the violence is growing, you do not want the gun of yours being stolen and used within an unfortunate incident.

Lastly, you have to keep the children of yours, loved ones and visitors protected in the gun. The examples of guns firing unintentionally and damaging property or perhaps hurting folks aren’t uncommon. A crafty teenager or perhaps curious kid in the house of yours with access to the gun of yours could wreak havoc as well as harm themselves. Keeping your guns in a safe room is perfect in these conditions.


You have to always make sure you’re purchasing the very best gun safes offering you the optimum worth, fulfills most of the needs of yours and also provides ample defense over the long term. You have to simply do thorough research before purchasing something and read professional and user reviews before you make a purchase.