Best Spotting Rifle Scopes for Hunting – Reviews and Buying Guide in 2024

Using a spotting scope is able to provide you with better terrestrial observing capability with a good view of the goal. The spotting scopes provide you with better magnification to make a great assessment of the item.

Hence, you need a very good spotting scope to get to the accurately. You will find Rifle scopes designed for shooting to cater couple of special requirements of the shooter. This guide is going to discuss 5 best spotting scopes you are able to utilize for hunting.

The Things you need to Consider Before Choosing the Best Spotting Scopes

  • Eye Relief

Nowadays, you are going to find budget spotting scope which have a precise and short eye relief. Although most shooters find short eye relief to be an obstacle, this may be appropriate for some spotters. Keeping your head around the scope and in an accurate thing for extended time periods is able to cause undue fatigue as well as make the time of yours under the scope shorter also less pleasant.

  • Magnification

Maximum zoom might not be the solution for any situation. High zoom in low-cost scopes could boost the flaws in that has those products. Before selecting the most effective scope in the budget of yours, determine just how much magnification you really need before you begin shopping. In case you’re utilizing your spotting scope for backpacking in highly forested areas, you’ll probably be much more happy with the 20X magnification of a spotting rifle scope which has exceptional lens coatings in a compact dimensions compared to a spending budget 50x scope.

  • Use

If perhaps you’re a good long range hunter you might choose a rifle scope with higher zoom and a bigger objective lens.

But If you need some extra glass, you need spend more money on it but it will weigh more.

In case your passion is actually mountain shooting, the very same rifle scope may be unnecessary.

Chasing critters as goats and sheep in the far north usually means that an investment in cup which enables you to decide whether an animal warrants leaving the mountain you’re glassing from and descending a huge number of feet and climbing up another ridge.

The weight of that huge scope can save you lots of thousands and miles of vertical feet.

  • Tripod

An excellent range with quality components could be rendered useless in case the tripod isn’t up on the job. Make sure your tripod is sturdy, doesn’t amplify vibrations, and it is tall enough for the application of yours. Just how clean a tripod rotates could be extremely important too; an inexpensive tripod may have a rubber band impact that can help make it frustrating when you’re attempting to zero in on a tiny target at optimum magnification.

  • Weather Proofness

Make sure the scope you pick is weatherproof.

I say weather since it is not only rain and snow which cause problems with optics. Make sure the range is sealed against dust too.

If you have already laid out susceptible in a prairie dog city in the Wyoming wind you understand why dust proof is vital. Somehow dust gets on as well as in all the things you own.

You have to be certain the scope tube is suitably purged and devoid of so much oxygen and moisture as possible.

whether not you might experience the inner glass fogging in case you consider the scope from frigid outdoor temperatures to a bright cabin or tent, and then back out again.

Although it is a trouble to deal with, the fog is going to scatter and disappear over time.

Top 5 Best Spotting Scopes Reviews

This guide is going to provide you a glimpse of top spotting scopes in the marketplace 2020. But in case you wish to have a few quick primers on how you can select the very best spotting scopes, here is a video to offer you couple of basic guides.

So let’s separate the spotting scopes’ groups to present you a better, wiser and wider choice.

Pls notice that the most crucial advantage of the best spotting rifle scope is its zoom levels as well as the quality of its lenses. in case you’re a shooter, it will be ideal if your scope has a minimum of 30X magnification power to hit long distance.

There will also be kinds of spotting scopes: straight and angled body. All of their advantages below will be discussed by us.

#1 Bushnell Xtreme Trophy Spotting Scope

Bushnell Xtreme Trophy Spotting Scope

Bushnell scope is a great optics company on the market. They make from laser rangefinders to good quality binoculars. This’s just about the most popular spotting scopes available since it’s a difficult to conquer round up of good features inside a great design.

It possesses a Porro prism style and premium completely multicoated optics. This design features a rubberized eyepiece that’s great to utilize together with window mount and the compact tripod that’s included.

In addition, it comes with package that is waterproof and compact so that it is easy to carry around. This’s a best hunting spotting scope which is very simple to use and great for long periods of time.

While it does not feature most of the proprietary coatings or perhaps scientific breakthroughs of high dollar versions, it’s extremely hard to overcome the amount of refinement and value that this particular spotting scope allows because of the cost.

It’s surely an excellent spotting scope for the cash on the market along with an excellent entry level model for anyone wanting to go into optics for hunting or perhaps wildlife viewing.

Bushnell Xtreme Trophy Spotting Scope

#2 NightForce TS-82 20-70x Xtreme Hi-Definition Spotting Scope

NightForce TS-82 20-70x Xtreme Hi-Definition Spotting Scope

NightForce is a company famous for producing military grade optics, and this particular spotting scope isn’t any different. The item is rock solid and designed to take any abuse you are able to throw at it. The lightweight aluminum frame is both weatherproof and shock proof.

The fast release Bayonet Mounting System enables quick changing of accessories, and also the rifle scope is effective at getting several smart phones for much easier viewing of digital photography chance.

The lenses are European produced, which is a typical theme among a lot of the best optics on the market. Implausible lens quality combined with the high tech coatings permit for really clear, color appropriate pictures from advantage to edge of the range without any distortions or perhaps fisheye effect.

For those who demand best equipment, this’s certainly a spotting scope to take a look at.

NightForce TS-82 20-70x Xtreme Hi-Definition Spotting Scope

#3 Vortex Optics HD Viper Spotting Scopes

Vortex Optics HD Viper Spotting Scopes

When looking at the best spotting scopes, it will purchase a great deal of optic under 1000 dollars. This’s an ideal example; Vortex Optics creates several of top scopes and extremely good quality binoculars within the industry. They’re recognized for constant innovation and are trying to constantly make their products improved, in addition to this’s a great example.

This particular scope is the Vortex Optics HD Viper Spotting Scopes. It shares a lot of identical characteristics with other scoes in Vortex’s list but it can offer much less bulk and lighter weight than most of Vortex scopes.

This’s a great spotting scope for under thousand dollars since virtually everything is done by it well but adds a good feature that is portable, that is not seen on lots of optics with features and this high quality.

it is adjustable from the obective lens to the eyepiece. It’s devoid of knobs as it’s a lot easier to work with the revolving turrets built on the scope.

The great research of the glass and prism which operate the 60X zoom settings is basically proprietary to Vortex Optics and it is undoubtedly the greatest one on the market. This’s all backed up by the very best customer service on the market and probably the best warranty of any factory.

Vortex Optics HD Viper Spotting Scopes

#4 Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope

Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope

The Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope is one of the best spotting rifle scopes on the market.

The scope comes with a great multicoated lens, with a much better light transition.

You are going to have crispy and clear picture quality with optimum brightness from the 80mm lens.

And Better light than many of the 60mm lenses is given by the 80mm lens. The zoom performs best with 20x zoom in, in case you zoom more, the picture quality will decrease. Nevertheless, the zoom range is 60x.

The celestron spotting rifle scope includes lightweight and sleek look with wide and large constructed quality. The scope is shielded with a padded gentle case. It’s also waterproof so you are going to have no issues with the rough condition or perhaps rainy weather.


  • Brighter views
  • Multi-Coated Optics
  • Waterproof design
  • Zoom Eyepiece

Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope

#5 BARSKA Blackhawk Tripod Angled Spotting Scope

BARSKA Blackhawk Tripod Angled Spotting Scope

The BARSKA Blackhawk Tripod Angled Spotting Scope includes performance that is portability and good performance with a fairly low cost.

The good quality sixty mm objective lens provides you with perfect and clear perspective of the model, making no discomfort in the eyes of yours.

Better light transition is offered by the multicoated lens.

You are going to have a crisp, distinct vision of the item even in case it’s bit dark. The zoom is from 20X to 60X, with sleek focusing option. It’s a glare reducing sunshade which may be widened from the scope if required.

The BARSKA Blackhawk Tripod Angled Spotting Scope is accompanied by premium challenging cases, to keep any harm from the outside. The scope is fully Waterproof, shockproof and Fogproof. Despite its robust build quality, its fairly light weighted. The scope includes a pan mind lever tripod.


  • Fogproof
  • Soft carrying case
  • 100 % Waterproof
  • Panhead lever tripod

BARSKA Blackhawk Tripod Angled Spotting Scope


We didn’t wait to place the merchandise we’ve given to you over the front row because these’re all great value for the money of yours. Apart from that, these were tested and found to be effective in what they’re meant to perform. They also meet all of the requirements we’ve discussed.

Having probably the best spotting scopes can provide you with a lot advantages. You might have the very best rifle scopes on the market but without this kinds of scopes, your spotting scopes’ abilities would remain restricted in certain ways.

Basically better compared to binoculars, these’re must haves for nature photographers, bird watchers, every goal hunters or perhaps anyone that wishes to experience a better look for items in extremely fine details while at probably the farthest range.