Best Rifle Scope For .308 – Top 5 Best Optics in 2023

Have you been looking for the best .308 rifle scope? If you’re, then you are likely to visit the right place. We will be having a peek at the top 5 best .308 scopes for a caliber rifle.

Each rifle scope we look at is flexible that you are able to make use of it for goal practicing, hunting, or perhaps competitive hunting. When you have a certain .308 rifle, we will guide you to know what scope fits it perfectly. Mounting an excellent range on the rifle of yours will frequently cause a huge enhancement in overall results. Actually, an excellent scope can help improve your accuracy considerably. Before we plunge into our top list, why don’t we talk about the reasons you want a .308 rifle scope. We’ll also supply you with a brief tutorial on how you can select an excellent quality scope.

The Things you need to Know Before Choosing Best Rifle Scope For .308 Rifles

Before selecting a .308 scope, it is vital that you understand most important features. While doing so, you will have to find out several of the fundamental distinctions between an excellent and much less good scope. ​

To begin with, you have to find out what type of hunting you’ll be doing. Target shooting, Hunting, and Tactical use all need different rifle scopes. When you are thinking of using a scope for night range shooting, that’s another consideration.

New shooters should read the guide below closely. It is going to tell you what you should look for and why it is critical. We are going to walk you through all the important details to help keep in mind when selecting a scope for .308.

A second big problem you need to consider is the type of your rifle. You will find a variety of types of rifles so it’s essential to get a scope which will fit well. For instance, will you place a best AR 308 scope on your rifle? Could you make use of exactly the same range on other type of .308 rifle? What’s the greatest power .308 scope? There are surely a great deal of points to think about when purchasing a rifle scope.

  • Material

Quality should always be considered a priority when searching for an honest scope. The material must be durable enough to deal with all sorts of recoil. Shock from recoil or perhaps accidentally dropping the scope during a hard surface shouldn’t break it. As a good example, the scope tube must be made from good quality aluminum. This content was proven to resist damage and negative weather as snow or rain. Most scopes can also be shockproof due to the aluminum. The materials of theirs should seal against water and fog.

  • Adjustment

Most rifle scopes that is used for long range hunting have turret adjustments which may be used to dial in the shot of yours so your crosshairs are directly on the target. You will not have to make use of old-fashioned Kentucky Windage. These’re preferable but more costly and take a little time to learn to work with.

Regular adjustments are capped to defend them from being tossed off zero. They’re great for hunting or perhaps those that do not wish to mess around. The price of the caliber of the scope is cheaper than turrets.

  • Durability

You need most durable scope you are able to get, period. Something that’s shockproof and waterproof at a minimum. In case you plan on using the scope of yours in the industry, fog proof is preferable. Most of these’re features that are standard.

Some scopes may be also sealed to fully prevent condensation, dust, and moisture from getting inside. This’s the best choice and also the gold standard for longevity. A guarantee never hurts.

  • Magnification

A lot of people consider a,308 being a reasonably long range cartridge. Generally, it’s kept to 800 yards or perhaps less. You are able to switch off a 10x range as well as a little skill. An even better zoom is about 14x but perhaps zoom in the 20x remains well worth considering.

  • Reticle

In case you’re trying to find the distance, some form of BDC reticle is needed by you. This may be a fully marked Mil or MOA reticle or perhaps a simple Duplex style in case you are not shooting as much. A plain reticle just is not as flexible to be used shooting past a couple 100 yards. With the energy of the .308, go just a little further.

You’ll additionally enjoy something between first as well as second focal plane. A very first focal plane scope is going to have a reticle that zooms together with the scope magnification and can certainly be used to determine any distance. Second focal plane is less costly but you are able to just use it for ranging at the zoom you aimed.

Top 5 Best Rifle Scope For .308

Below are the top 5 rifle scopes for a .308. It’s crucial to look through each among these reviews carefully. They are going to let you know what you should expect for each service. We will be discussing several of the special features and cons and pros in every review. And this guide is going to show you the way to select a .308 rifle scope. With that said, let us start our best choice:

#1 Nikon P-308 Matte BDC 800 Rifle Scope

Nikon P-308 Matte BDC 800 Rifle Scope

The zoom of this particular rifle scope is from 4x to 16x. It’s a BDC 800 reticle, which means you are able to easily aim at hundred or perhaps 800 yards. And it’s elevation and windage changes for minute adjustment the rifle scope at 1/4 MOA per simply click.

It is long-lasting and shock proof and also will deal with the recoil of weighty rifles. The tube that is filled with nitrogenis waterproof and fog proof. And ninety five % light transmission is provided by its optics for hunting in dawn and dusk.


  • Tight windage, zoom adjustments and elevation.
  • Optics are bright, sharp, and clear.
  • Durable and also can handle heavy, scrapes, and bumps recoils.


  • Lens caps could get in the form of the bolt.
  • Mount might not be provided with the rifle scope, so check carefully to confirm one way or perhaps the other person.
  • Might need various rifle scope rings to install it on several rifles.

Nikon P-308 Matte BDC 800 Rifle Scope

#2 Leupold Mark MOD 1 3-9x40mm Riflescope

Leupold Mark MOD 1 3-9x40mm Riflescope

The magnification of this particular range is from 3x to 9x. And the reticle of this scope has vertical and horizontal marks for short aiming. And its windage feature has a selection of fifty six MOA, while its elevation feature has a selection of fifty two MOA.

The optics are apparent, brilliant and reduce reflections, even though the reticle is easy and crisp to find. It’s fog proof and waterproof having its krypton/argon gasoline fusion inside the tube. And it is long-lasting and shock proof, therefore it is able to deal with heavy recoils.


  • Optics are clear and bright.
  • Durable, so it is able to hold the zero of its after heavy recoils.
  • Reticle is simple to locate on the fly.


  • Mil-Dot reticle won’t work the very best for everyone.
  • Scope turrets are essentially put in place for .223, which means you might have to invest additional money to set it in place for,308.
  • Zoom of 9x won’t work for some individuals at longer ranges.

Leupold Mark MOD 1 3-9x40mm Riflescope

#3 UTG AO Mil-dot Rings Compact Rifle Scope

UTG AO Mil-dot Rings Compact Rifle Scope

The magnification of this UTG rifle scope is from 3x to 12x, and its elevation and windage turrets adjust by 1/4 MOA per simply click. The turrets are zero resetting and lockable. And its Mil Dot reticle has several color options for any lighting problem.

This rifle scope is actually shock proof, so the tubing is filled with hundred % nitrogen, so it is fog proof and waterproof. It’s been test fired with some game rifles and airguns with heavy recoils to guarantee longevity. And also the circuits for the reticle had been made to be shock proof to offer constant reticle illumination.


  • Colorblind shooters may look for a color which works for them, utilizing the multi colored reticle.
  • Changing reticle colors for various lighting situations is easy and quick.
  • Scope holds 0 after repeated, heavy recoils.


  • Zoom above 10x wouldn’t work in lower light conditions.
  • Scope could be heavy for some individuals.
  • Quality is inconsistent.
  • Warranty might be hard to have fulfilled if you can find problems.

UTG AO Mil-dot Rings Compact Rifle Scope

#4 Sniper brand 6-24x50mm Mil-Dot Rifle Scope

Sniper brand 6-24x50mm Mil-Dot Rifle Scope

The Magification of This particular scope is from 6x to 24x. Its Mil Dot reticle is lit up and also may be changed from white to pink to green for a range of shooting situations. And its elevation as well as windage changes journey 0.25′ at hundred yards and also have a fast locking plate.

The optics are clear and crisp. The entire body on the scope is created from aircraft quality aluminum and was check shot with 150 rounds, so it is durable.


  • Clear optics.
  • Illuminated reticle for a number of lighting conditions.


  • May be just a little fuzzy at greater magnifications.
  • Elevation adjustment won’t lock down properly.
  • Quality is inconsistent.
  • Warranty might be hard to have fulfilled if you can find problems.

Sniper brand 6-24x50mm Mil-Dot Rifle Scope

#5 NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm Rifle scope – Best Long Range Scope

NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm Rifle scope

NightForce offers a lot of great rifle scopes with high quality on the market. No any other company is able to hold a candle for their tactical optics at long range. Built especially for individuals who have really high requirements for the equipment of theirs, a solution that can do that others cannot are provided by NightForce.

This’s among the best scopes for individuals searching for a decent mixture between tactical characteristics, cost and. When looking at precision hunting at long range, optics become costlier compared to every other product or service needed. Forgoing custom turrets as well as illuminated reticle, you will get this good rifle scope for significantly less expensive compared to other items offered by NightForce.

It offers 20x magnification having a objective lens and a 30mm tubing. This rifle scope comes with a laundry list of specialized and proprietary features that is usually discovered of the manufacturer’s site and product sheets.

The greatest part of the range is the good quality, fully armored and also lenses are fully multicoated which are almost as bombproof as you are able to obtain, a lot of functions on this range are just truly relevant in case you’re shooting out to thousand yards and beyond.

If you’ve a bench rest rifle put in place, built around a customized Remington 700 or perhaps Savage Action using this rifle scope is simple. Nevertheless, in case you’ve a typical shooting rifle such as a Ruger American Remington or Compact 783, this’s not a suitable scope.

In case you are prepared to endure the high cost and tough learning curve of getting most out of all of the functions on the scope, you are going to enjoy several of the very best performance it is worth to buy in the optics business.

NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm Rifle scope - Best Long Range Scope


And what scope wins? And they have several of the necessary qualities, but it doesn’t have the one can fit all. And As the .308 is great at long ranges, an extended range scope is essential.

The Nikon P-308 Matte BDC 800 Rifle Scope is a great scope which is sturdy and just works. Its lens coating can come out great brightness and the rifle scope has great clarity in dark situations. It isn’t designed with an illuminated reticle so that you don’t need to spend the money on batteries.