Best Rifle Scope Under $500 – Top 5 Best Premium Optics in 2024

Most rifles Scopes are low price that do not do justice for some older hunter. I am not saying all inexpensive scopes are in bad quality but in fact, nearly all of them typically are. And those items are able to help make even the very best shot as amateurs while do not let me started about the new shooters. Thus, what is the method to solve this? It is a very simple problem. Just invest for a much better goal in the form of the very best rifle range under 500 dollars.

Indeed, the budget may be a bit steep for several of you but what contains the bigger end scopes is a number of serious range and precision. And All rifle lovers are going to agree, you cannot put a price on those scopes. Additionally, in case you currently have a state of the best rifle, it is worth to partner up in the very best scope money that is able to buy. And we notice that money is able to buy many good rifle scopes, and however, not everyone is going to be ready to invest the money on a hobby. Meanwhile, some phrenetic hunters could not possibly go along with the a luxurious spending.

Thus, the most effective way to upgrade is usually to look for a mid price, so that is what I have done here. I spend a lot of tiem on the research of best hunting rifle scopes under $500. If you’ve a larger budget you may want to check out our list of the very best rifle scope under $1000 in 2020.

The Things you need to Know About Rifle Scopes Under 500

Rifle scopes that’re under 500 dollar could be incredibly well worth your money and time. They are generally affordable for many folks but they don’t know that their companies make compromises on longevity or perhaps other function. Let us go over the primary things you need to take into consideration when choosing the very best rifle range under 1dolar1 500 for the weapon of yours.

What exactly are They Made of?

In fact, the very best scopes under 500 dollar ought to be durable. This involves them being designed with materials like durable steel or aircraft-grade aluminum. This kind of materials are going to make the rifle scopes protect from obtaining harm as they are used by you or perhaps from the internal components of theirs being broken whether you inadvertently drop the scope.

You will also need to locate scopes that provide a little protection against the climate, water, and fog. Certain scopes are made for circumstances that are different. For example, some rifle scopes under 500 may be called “weatherproof”, which means they may be utilized in any time or season of day. These’re superb regarding value for money.

Do not forget to think about some covering on the lens. Probably The best scopes have coatings which stop the lenses from becoming damaged and scratched easily. This kind of protections could possibly make the scope cost you a bit more in the conclusion but are usually worth the cost. Obviously, the scopes we selected beneath 500 dollar have a little lens coatings to improve their effectiveness and value and each one are durable.

Exactly how Easy Can they be to Adjust?

Windage or perhaps level adjuster knobs on their tops or sides will be included by many excellent rifle scopes under $500. These enable you to accommodate distance better as well as elevation variations between you and the target of yours or perhaps compensate for the wind when you take an important shot.

While the majority of rifle scopes with any quality is going to include a single or even most of these knobs, the very best scopes will likely be audible and incorporate tactile clicks. These enable you to change the above features and never have to shoot your eye off the range. Many of our selected rifle scopes feature adjusters of this particular kind.

Moreover, parallax adjusters will be included by some great rifle scopes under 500 dollar. These may allow you to limit for totally get rid of parallax distant relative for you and the target of yours. It could be extremely helpful for old hunters attempting to reach the target in a long distance.

First or perhaps Second Focal Plane?

You need to consider whether a best rifle scope you buy has a reticle on the focal plane. In a short word, a reticle on the very first focal plane will a bit alter the size of its to accommodate increased or perhaps reduced magnification amounts, enabling its hash marks or perhaps holdover points to stay precise distant relative to the crosshair.

Nevertheless, this could be tough to get used to in case you are not experienced at long range shooting. At extraordinary distances, FFP reticles are going to become very small indeed, perhaps making it more difficult to hit the target of yours on increased magnification settings.

Next focal plane reticles include reticles that don’t change in size when you transition between zoom settings. And this feature may be ideal for beginners and if most of your respective shooting happens at closer distances.

You are able to really use best rifle scopes with next focal plane reticles at adjustable magnification levels, but you will need to calculate what the hash marks actually indicate if you zoom in or perhaps out out of the reticle’s “standard” magnification environment. An SFP reticle’s standard format environment is generally suggested in the manual of the scope instruction.

Neither reticle type is ideal for everybody. All of it will depend on the preferences of yours and experience levels. We include rifle scopes beneath 500 dollar that integrate both very first as well as second focal plane reticles so that you are able to have the pick of yours of top from both categories.

Do they Have a Warranty?

Although rifle scopes under 500 are not the priciest you are able to buy now, it is still quite a great investment for lots of people. So, it is generally a wise decision to check out if a particular rifle scope has a guarantee from the producer.

Warranties are good methods to ensure your scope against constant tear and wear. They additionally protect you from virtually any drawback during the production process. For example, let us say you get a 1dolar1 400 rifle range with a break in the lens. If it is under warranty, you are able to very send it back simply and also get a totally free replacement.

Conversely, a lot of the very best rifle scopes under 500 dollars come with lifetime warranties which guard against normal damage. As an example, they will repair or replace the scope of yours in case damage from normal use, is suffered by it like taking it to the rain when it has been created to be waterproof.

Overall, warranties are not most crucial element in any sort of scope purchase, however they may affect the decision of yours in case you are selecting a pricier scope than you initially imagined.

Top 5 Best Rifle Scopes Under $500

Choosing the best rifle scope under 500 dollar ended up a bit challenging then i thought. Lastly, the ones that I have picked offer the very best deals, the industry has some terrific alternatives as it would seem.

#1 Millett Illuminated Side Focus Tactical Riflescope

Millett Illuminated Side Focus Tactical Riflescope

This scope is fairly big that is designed with the sunshade which is 22″. And 56mm objective lens can allow a great deal of mild and clarity when recording at distances that are long. Note that this particular unit is illuminated, an additional advantage.

With the size and magnification, I managed to shoot accurately between fifty yards to thousand yards with the .50 BMG rifle.

I additionally had it on the .308 rifle as it is effective on all kinds of rifles. I like the tactical texture and this rifle scope is ideal for target shooting and long distance hunting.

Note it comes with good quality high mount rings as a result of the objective lens plus tube diameter being bigger tan other scopes.

While evaluating the Millett, I was really pleased with its power. The 25x amplification power is excellent and you are able to truly see very far.

I’d recommended the Millett rifle scope because of the greater power, as you are able to actually see anything up to thousand yards, aside from the reality that the Millett had a bit of adjustment problems and did not appear as lasting as the Viper rifle scope with continued use.

So far as durability goes, it is not nearly durable as the various other rifles on our list. And I can see that after using for a long time it is going to start to fall apart. However, it’s an amazing scope that could hit targets at long range, particularly with the illuminated reticle.

It is likewise heavier than almost all scopes and must be absolutely employed for bench sitting.

In a word, I felt as this rifle range was top notch. I was not able to make use of it long enough to confirm that its durability was a problem, but I can tell that it might have some issues in the future.

The one which prevent me from placing it on this Top five list of greatest rifle scopes under 500 dollar since it’s nevertheless a very good quality scope for the investment.

Not merely is it much range rifle scope with good precision, but it’s illuminated reticles as well as the glass is quality that is top making the scope really clear.

Although it might not be durable over an extended period, it is still made of top quality materials. Glass that is great, great clarity, along with great accuracy at long distance. For best rifle scope under 500, this’s an incredible very long range rifle scope.


  • Warranty was Limited by lifetime
  • 25X Higher Zoom power
  • Illuminated Reticle
  • Very precise at long distances.


  • A heavier scope. Not advised for mobility.
  • Did not seem extremely durable after use was continued by long term.

#2 Nikon Prostaff 7 5-20×50 Riflescope

Nikon Prostaff 7 5-20x50 Riflescope

As Nikon began producing rifle scopes, they have been a staple on the scope market. Nikon scopes are high and affordable quality.

The Nikon Prostaff Rifle scope is among best Nikon’s rifle scopes since it has a great deal of long range ability at a lower price than almost all producers.

Nikon produces specialized photography grade glass and also makes use of it in their scopes. The Nikon Prostaff Scope comes with Nikon’s ultra obvious lenses which are laser aligned to optimize light transmission.

The Nikon Prostaff Scope transmits up to ninety eight % of light that is available on the shooter’s eye. What this means is you receive a high definition picture in almost all mild conditions and environments.

Furthermore, the lenses are completely multi coated with an anti reflective compound which maximizes light transmission and also reduces glare, which means you never think as you are getting a lot of light during day shooting.

All this’s packed in a chassis which includes a 50mm goal lens and a 30mm body tubing, that comes with a 5 20x magnification range, so you will usually have distinct information for target acquisition as well as identification, regardless the distance you are shooting.

Nikon uses whatever they call a BDC reticle, that is a regular mildot reticle, with shooting sectors on the vertical posting.

The shooting circles offer you aiming factors for predefined ranges, which means you are able to confidently take photos at multiple ranges without doing some adjustments. This’s good for hunters and competition shooters that require the accuracy in short range and very long range accuracy with little time between shots.

The Nikon Prostaff Rifle Scope is an excellent scope that is going to provide longer range shooters the very long range performance they require for competition with the freedom to get it out there in the woods for backpacking.


  • Excellent construction for reliability and durability.
  • Excellent quality
  • Full-auto capable
  • Quality that is excellent for the price.


  • Parkerized finish is not the very best finish ever. But it is satisfactory.

#3 Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-24×50 SFP Riflescope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-24×50 SFP Riflescope

Vortex is respected for making quality rifle scopes, so this particular scope is no different. It is designed with a magnification selection between 6x as well as 24x, allowing for lots of effective shooting ranges and versatility. Furthermore, an adjustable objective along with a parallax remover are featured by it.

This scope also offers an amazing eye box with a number of in of eye relief, which makes it a great option for the rifles with considerable recoil to each pull on the trigger. Contribute to all of these advantages a lasting aluminum casing that’s been the ring sealed and nitrogen purged and it is clear that this’s an excellent rifle range under 500 dollar.

BDC Reticle

Right from the start, users are able to appreciate the BDC reticle incorporated into its design. The reticle is going to help you reach goals at a long distance with holdover areas which automatically compensate for standard bullet drop.

This particular reticle is set on the next focal plane, which makes it a lot more valuable since Vortex Optics Crossfir SFP reticles do not alter color with zoom settings. And The SFP reticle is even more boosted by special coatings which improve light transmission as well as supply a definite sight picture throughout all of times during the day time.


  • It has higher magnification range
  • It has a BDC reticle
  • Lenses of this scope are multicoated
  • Made from sturdy aluminum
  • fog proof and Waterproof


  • Vortex SFP reticle is not as good at higher ranges

#4 Leupold VX-3i 3.5x10x40mm Rifle Scope

Leupold VX-3i 3.5x10x40mm Rifle Scope

Leupold VX-3i rifle scopes were very competitive for years on the market, and it doesn’t mean that change with this particular offering. It provides a matte surface and duplex reticle with zoom ranges from 3.5x to 10x. As a result, it is an excellent choice for hunting from 200 to 800 yards, but it may be pushed to thousand yards in case you are experienced.

It is also among top rifle scopes under 500 dollars in terminology of eye relief, that ranges between 3.6 in or perhaps 4.4 inches based on your magnification environment. There is also a Diamond Coat two lens, which offers enhanced light transmission and excellent abrasion resistance.

Light Management System

Probably the most fascinating feature from the scope will be that it has the Management System so that you can hunt in the night. This could possibly grant you up to twenty additional minutes of capturing light during dawn or dusk. All of it happens because of the scope ‘s outstanding lens layout, that brings an e additional lighting and also gives you clear, quality sight photographs without glares or perhaps cloudiness.


  • Scope lens is sturdy and transmits light well
  • Fog proof and Waterproof
  • It is very good about Light transmission during the dark light
  • It has great eye relief


  • Turrets cannot be reset to zero

#5 Nikon PROSTAFF 5 3.5-14×50 BDC Riflescope

Nikon PROSTAFF 5 3.5-14×50 BDC Riflescope

Nikon’s great attention to detail as well as quality return shipping with the Prostaff five. It is a scope with magnification options between 3.5x plus 14x with a fifty mm lens. This lens is pronounced with Nikon’s proprietary coatings to enhance its light transmission as well as brightness in general.

In its entirety, the scope is very durable and offers hand turn turrets with the MOA changes. These turrets move easily and also simply click audibly when used, rendering them very easy to adjust even once your eye is pressed on the scope.

BDC Reticle

Just like the Crossfire II Scope, this BDC Riflescope features a high quality BDC reticle that can allow you to approximate bullet fall off before any shot is taken by you. This reticle is mixed with a rapid focus eyepiece, making it possible for you to click to the target of yours and immediate and making this a significant range for striking compact, fast moving targets as well as nailing the photo when it matters most on the hunt of yours.


  • Optics are bright and clear
  • BDC reticles is very useful
  • Because of Eyepiece, it is very quick to sight the target in
  • Very sturdy overall


  • Turrets are a bit of bulky/large

Why invest between 400 to 500 dollar holding a rifle scope?

It’s a valid question to question. Why spend 500 money for a rifle scope? You will find ones that come within hundred bucks. So, why don’t you get among those? The solution is very straightforward, those items are not designed to survive and aiming through them could be considered a tall order. Today, there’s the other aspect of the webpage, why not choose anything even more expensive? When you are able to pay for after that aim for it, but searching for scopes within 400 500 bucks has it rewards as there are a few outstanding bargains out there. And The rifle scopes that are available within this budget are brilliant as well as provide some serious clarity. Thus, whether you are planning to shoot on the prey from a range or perhaps reach the target practice, you are able to depend on them. As several of them can perform on exactly the same level as any 1000 dollar scope.


You will find a great deal of rifle scopes that might have fallen into the very best Rifle Scope Under 500 dollar checklist. Nevertheless, I have picked the perfect ones to make the decision of yours somewhat easier.

Nevertheless, several of you may be hesitating with the choice. And that is normal as every one of the scopes above has a few good quality. However, the Millet Tactical rifle scope is One of the best rifle scope that i actually prefer probably the most. For starters, the offer is great but above all the characteristics are somewhat more thrilling compared to its competitors. And the 1000 yard range and the 25X zoom provides it with an advantage on the others.

Today, the business owner from the Vortex or Nikon is not far behind. In fact, most of them are at exactly the same level with regards to durability and precision. And most of them mount well to any rifle in the planet. So, you are able to choose any of them and begin hunting the goal hard. Simply use the leap as well as make the compliance. You will not be let down that is for sure.